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Private Asset Management (PAM) portfolio managers’ views may vary from those of other portfolio managers as well as the views of Neuberger Berman. All PAM accounts are managed based upon each client’s needs and objectives. Individual account holdings and characteristics may vary since investment objectives, tax considerations and other factors differ from account to account. Portfolio characteristics are subject to change without notice.

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Pursuant to SEC Rule 606, written copies of statistical reports on Neuberger Berman's order routing and execution are available.

Please click here for the Rule 606 report.

Pursuant to NASD Rule 3510, a written plan describing Neuberger Berman's Business Continuity Plan is available for your review. Please click here.

Firm history/timeline information dates back to the 1939 founding of Neuberger & Berman (the predecessor to Neuberger Berman LLC), and highlights key business expansions, including those that resulted from acquisitions of the various affiliated investment advisers that now comprise the firm. Investment professionals referenced include: Equity portfolio managers, research analysts/associates, traders, and product specialists; Fixed Income portfolio managers, research analysts/associates, traders, and investment support (product specialists, portfolio analysts, and trading support); Alternatives investment professionals who are involved in the decisions concerning asset allocation, investment monitoring and making new investments (includes two consultants).

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