Our Commitment
to Money Laundering Prevention

Neuberger Berman is fully committed to complying with all statutory and regulatory requirements designed to combat money laundering and any activity which facilitates the funding of terrorist or criminal activities.

Money Laundering Prevention Policies and Procedures

The Firm is committed to educating and training employees in money laundering prevention and has adopted specific policies and procedures to prevent and detect money laundering.

Some of the initiatives and procedures undertaken by Neuberger Berman include:

  • the establishment of a comprehensive money laundering prevention compliance program;
  • the development and utilization of technology to assist in the monitoring of transactions for the purpose of identifying and reporting suspicious activity and/or transactions;
  • the designation of a money laundering prevention compliance officer to oversee the money laundering prevention efforts of the Firm;
  • the establishment of screening procedures;
  • the establishment of an independent audit function to evaluate the Firm's money laundering prevention program;
  • training employees to: be aware of, and comply with, the Firm's policies and procedures to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes, and to assist in the prevention of terrorist financing;
  • training employees to: recognize and report any suspicious activity and/or transactions.