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Global Equity Index PutWrite Fund

The content you are trying to access is not available for the global audience. It is available in Switzerland.
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Global Equity Index PutWrite Fund

An alternative option based fund that seeks long term equity-like returns with less volatility (lower market beta) than broad global equity markets

  • The Fund systematically collects and compounds the premiums from put options sold on global equity indices (S&P 500, MSCI EAFE and MSCI Emerging Markets)
  • Defensive alternative to gain exposure to global equities
  • Potential for interest income from short-term duration US Treasuries
  • Focus on liquid, exchanged-traded index options

Key Risks

Market Risk: The risk of a change in the value of a position as a result of underlying market factors, including among other things, the overall performance of companies and the market perception of the global economy.
Liquidity Risk: The risk that the Fund may be unable to sell an investment readily at its fair market value. In extreme market conditions this can affect the Fund’s ability to meet redemption requests upon demand.
Derivatives Risk: The Fund is permitted to use certain types of financial derivative instruments (including certain complex instruments). This may increase the Fund’s leverage significantly which may cause large variations in the value of your share. Investors should note that the Fund may achieve its investment objective by investing principally in Financial Derivative Instruments (FDI). There are certain investment risks that apply in relation to the use of FDI.
Interest Rate Risk: The risk of interest rate movements affecting the value of fixed-rate bonds.
Emerging Markets Risk: Emerging markets are likely to bear higher risk due to a possible lack of adequate financial, legal, social, political and economic structures, protection and stability as well as uncertain tax positions which may lead to lower liquidity. The NAV of the fund may experience medium to high volatility due to lower liquidity and the availability of reliable information, as well as due to the fund's investment policies or portfolio management techniques.
Counterparty Risk: The risk that a counterparty will not fulfil its payment obligation for a trade, contract or other transaction, on the due date.
Operational Risk: The risk of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed processes, people and systems including those relating to the safekeeping of assets or from external events.
Currency Risk: Investors who subscribe in a currency other than the base currency of the Fund are exposed to currency risk. Fluctuations in exchange rates may affect the return on investment. The past performance shown is based on the fund and is not specific to the share class. If the currency of the fund is different from your local currency, then you should be aware that due to exchange rate fluctuations the performance shown may increase or decrease if converted into your local currency.

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Management Team

Derek Devens, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
24 Years of industry experience
5 Years with Neuberger Berman