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June 2023

Neuberger Berman Annual Report

In this year's edition of the Annual Report, we reflect on the strengths that saw us through a uniquely challenging 2022.
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While the last year was a tough one for investors and asset managers, we believe we came through it in better shape than many of our peers. In this year's Annual Report, we reflect on what saw us through 2022.

  • Focusing on our Core: Prioritizing our clients, our people and our resources, rather than external shareholders, helped us to keep improving our offerings and strengthening our culture
  • Standing for Active Investing and Engaged Ownership: We know where we add value and we believe in what we do to protect and grow our clients' assets
  • Retaining Our Global Outlook and Ambition: As the world became increasingly inward-looking, we made the case for being a truly global business and a truly global investor
  • Investing in Versatility: From flexible fixed income strategies to broad private markets capabilities, we continued to innovate and invest in the breadth of our solutions