In 2008, the housing market crash sent shockwaves through the financial industry and the world at large. However, a handful of investors saw the warning signs and began sounding the alarms long before the financial debacle unfolded. Their stories were captured in the New York Times bestselling book, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, and its award-winning film adaptation, The Big Short. Featuring stars like Brad Pitt and Steve Carell, the film brought these investors' experiences to life. Among them was Steve Eisman, Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman, portrayed by Steve Carell under the pseudonym Mark Baum. But what really went on behind the scenes? How did Steve spot the canary in the coal mine? And what is his outlook on current markets? On this episode of Disruptive Forces, host Anu Rajakumar invites Steve to chat about his career journey, behind-the-scenes insights of the world famous book and movie, The Big Short and more.