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Investing in Volatile Markets

COVID-19 is impacting societies and markets around the world. The below insights from Neuberger Berman thought leaders and senior investment professionals aim to provide guidance and useful knowledge, in real time, to help investors navigate through this uncertain period.
Videos: Markets Unscripted
Fixed Income Update – September 2020
(4:22) In this brief update, Ashok Bhatia, Deputy CIO—Fixed Income, provides an overview of the developments within Fixed Income markets and the outlook for what’s ahead.
Market Conditions and Opportunities in Private Credit
(4:48) Matthew Bird, Managing Director for our Private Debt team, provides an update on how the Private Debt markets are managing through the COVID-19 crisis, how the team has been managing portfolios since March, and what investors could anticipate in the months ahead.
When Tax Alpha Is Negative
It may come as a surprise to discover that tax-loss harvesting can result in negative alpha: Here’s what’s going on.
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Vulnerability to Default in Emerging Markets
While emerging markets sovereign defaults are at levels not seen since 2001 this year, rapid policy responses are helping to avoid the worst—furthermore, we believe the corporate default rate for 2020 could be lower than in 2009 or even 2016.
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Venturing Out: AAC Outlook 3Q2020
On July 22, Joe Amato, Erik Knutzen, Brad Tank and Tony Tutrone discussed each of their views based on 3Q2020 AAC Outlook in more detail, as well as their short-term and long-term views of the bear, base and bull case scenarios for the COVID-19 crisis initially outlined in the 2Q2020 Outlook and Investment Playbook.
The Pandemic and Politics
On July 14, Neuberger Berman’s Joseph V. Amato, President and Chief Investment Officer, Equities, talks with political scientist Sam Potolicchio, PhD, President, Preparing Global Leaders Forum, about factors that could influence the 2020 election and the political landscape going forward
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COVID-19 Update: News on Vaccines
The various news tied to COVID-19 vaccine trials, including Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine trial restarts, Moderna updates to enrollment, Pfizer expanding enrollment to include a broader population and Merck trials getting going
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COVID-19 Update: Thinking About the Implications of SARS-CoV2 Reinfection
Modest rates, mutated strains and a milder course the second time around are telling us something
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