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Investment Quarterly: Winter 2022

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Investment Quarterly

Winter 2022
Reading an Evolving Market
Economic growth and corporate earnings continue to recover, but a spike in inflation and a hawkish shift by the Federal Reserve are likely to lead to increased market turbulence in the coming months. Given changing conditions, we believe this may be an opportune time to look closely at your asset allocation and wealth planning strategies to assure that they remain durable and align closely with personal goals.
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In This Issue
This issue of Investment Quarterly provides insights into the market environment, as well as investment and wealth planning opportunities, and explores key trends tied to climate and the art world.
Opening Thoughts
A New Chapter
Understanding and adapting to rapidly changing market dynamics may be crucial for investors this year.
Market Focus
The Plot Thickens
As we look into 2022, the page appears to be turning from pandemic to inflation and policy, with a likely resulting surge in market volatility.
Solving for 2022
Ten for 2022
The heads of our investment platforms identify the key themes they anticipate will guide investment decisions in 2022.
Asset Matters
Public/Private Investing: Real Estate to Enhance Portfolios
In the converging landscape of public and private real estate, investment has become increasingly professionalized.
ESG Investing
The Path to Net Zero
Achieving ambitious climate goals is likely to require concerted action from government, business and capital providers.
NFTs: When Markets Collide
We see an important trend in digital art that could create new avenues for artists, collectors and philanthropy.
Wealth Planning
Watchful Waiting
The most extreme U.S. tax proposals appear dead in the water, but some increases and rule changes may still be possible.