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London Conference Highlights

Top Level Thoughts from Neuberger Berman's Investment Professionals

At this year’s ‘Solving For 2020’ conference Joseph Amato and Erik Knutzen set out our 12-month view for the economy and markets, explaining why a year with no clear and obvious catalysts for recession could still be a year of heightened volatility. Many economic indicators suggest that we are still mid-cycle rather than late-cycle. The long, slow expansion has so far left few signs of overheating in credit markets. Nonetheless, political risk is rising as the U.S. prepares for its election year and central banks recognize the limits of monetary policy, while valuations appear full in many markets. Both speakers emphasized the role of private markets in this environment, while Erik explored value opportunities “beneath the surface” of the indices and in emerging markets, as well as the importance of diversification across the portfolio in general and the income allocation in particular.

Below you will find a full video presentation from Joe Amato, President & CIO, summaries of each session plus additional Solving for 2020 insights.


London Conference Highlights - Solving for 2020

Video Replay

    Session Summaries

    Learn More About Important Topics Covered at the Conference

    The Year Ahead: Outlook & Challenges
    Joseph V. Amato, President and CIO—Equities, set out to answer five key questions: Where are we in the economic cycle? Are credit markets overheated? Is inflation set to spike? Will fiscal policy come to the rescue? And are private markets the solution in a lower return environment? | PDF

    Putting It Into Practice
    Erik Knutzen, CIO—Multi Asset Class, outlined five key investment themes for a year in which he anticipates more volatility and greater dispersion of the returns from different asset classes. | PDF

    Bull Versus Bear 2020: Weighing the Upside and Downside in Public & Private Credit
    Ashok Bhatia, Deputy CIO for Fixed Income and David Lyon, Co-Head of Private Credit, went head-to-head with the bull and bear cases for credit as the cycle continues to age, spreads continue to tighten and credit quality deteriorates in some corners of the market. | PDF

    Solving for 2020 - "Fiscal Dysfunction" Unmasked

    Our senior investment leaders look to the coming year in the global economy and markets, and offer their “10 for 2020”—the themes and dynamics that they believe will define the next 12 months.