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Guided Portfolio Solutions

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Guided Portfolio Solutions

Simple access to a diversified portfolio of mutual funds actively managed by Neuberger Berman’s experienced investment professionals and designed to meet specific asset allocation needs of individual investors ranging from supplemental completion portfolios to total portfolio solutions.


Total Portfolio Solutions

Total Portfolio Solutions offers five long term, strategic asset allocation portfolios designed to meet a range of investor objectives. Your Neuberger Berman representative will work with you to determine which portfolio aligns with your investment goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. Should your situation change, moving between portfolios is simple.


Equity Completion Portfolio

The Equity Completion Portfolio is a professionally managed asset allocation portfolio intended to complement an existing U.S. equity portfolio and deliver diversification benefits of a broad array of asset classes. It is designed to improve your overall risk profile without materially impacting your overall return profile.

  • U.S. Small Cap Equity
  • Developed International Equity
  • Emerging Markets Equity
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Liquid Alternatives
  • Commodities
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Emerging Markets Debt

Benefits of a Guided Portfolio Solutions Account

  • Access to Neuberger Berman’s experienced portfolio managers across asset classes and geographies, with a reasonable minimum investment
  • A diversified portfolio of mutual funds to help maintain a balance of risk and reward
  • Active account management that provides the flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities and economic conditions, backed by the in-depth market research and analysis of Neuberger Berman’s Investment Strategy Group
  • Quarterly tactical asset allocation overlays driven by Neuberger Berman’s Asset Allocation Committee’s outlook for each asset class
  • In-depth quarterly performance analysis authored by the Investment Strategy Group

To learn more about Guided Portfolio Solutions, speak to your Neuberger Berman representative or contact us at 800.234.9840.