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Staying on Course

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Investment Quarterly

Summer 2022
Staying on Course
Current headwinds of Inflation, monetary tightening and slowing growth could continue to roil financial markets, challenging investors to fortify portfolios while maintaining direction toward long-term goals.
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In This Issue
In issue of Investment Quarterly, we offer perspective on the economic, market and political backdrop, and provide ideas to help navigate turbulent waters and capitalize on potential investment and planning opportunities.
Opening Thoughts
Market, Interrupted
The economy and financial assets continue to take us in new but familiar directions.
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Market Focus
Sailing Into the Wind
With rates-driven economic slowing contributing to market volatility, investors should generally hang tight but consider tactical adjustments, where appropriate, to help stay on course.
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Market Focus
Tight Oil, Even as Growth Fades
Absent a major recession, supply constraints are likely to support elevated energy prices.
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Market Focus
Municipal Bonds: Yield and Volatility ‘Silver Lining’
Recent price weakness has opened up avenues for return potential.
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Planning Focus
The Midterms: Gridlock, Inflation and Wealth
Upcoming elections are taking place in a volatile environment, with the potential for a change in political control; they could also introduce a beneficial status quo for estate planning.
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Asset Matters
Real Potential During Inflation
Real estate can help mitigate the corrosive impact of rising prices on portfolios.
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Art Collecting: Finding Your Way
To move from enthusiast to collector, the “secret” is just to dive in.
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Sector Spotlight
The Infrastructure Imperative
Elevated energy prices and the risk of rolling blackouts support the need to safeguard and upgrade the U.S. power grid, with potentially significant implications for investors.
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