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Global Real Estate ETF

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NBGR | Global Real Estate ETF
Actively managed, global real estate portfolio seeking total return, emphasizing both current income and capital appreciation
As of 05/28/24
As of 05/28/24
As of 05/28/24


NBGR began as the Neuberger Berman Global Real Estate Fund (Predecessor Fund), an open-end mutual fund which had operated since December 30, 2014. Effective As of the close of business on October 13, 2023, NBGR acquired the Predecessor Fund's assets and liabilities, and assumed its performance, financial and other historical information.

Differentiated Process
Proprietary investment approach that incorporates both top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up real estate analysis
Reliable Inflation Hedge
We believe REITs are well positioned for a potential conclusion of the Federal Reserve's tightening cycle and could deliver attractive returns with inflation above 2%
Potential Diversification Benefits
Global REITs have historically had low correlations to other asset classes and potentially provide attractive relative returns over a full economic cycle
Global, Experienced Team
Experienced global portfolio managers use on-site knowledge of global commercial real estate sectors and regions to identify market inefficiencies and generate alpha
Fund Details
As of 05/28/24
Total Net Assets
As of 05/28/24
$5.81 million
ETF Listing Date
Predecessor Fund Inception Date
Asset Class
Reference Benchmark
FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Index (Net)
Distribution Frequency
Creation Basket Size (In Shares)
Shares Outstanding
As of 05/28/24
Number of Holdings
As of 05/28/24
Performance & Distributions
Price & Trading Characteristics
As of 05/28/24
Closing Price (4PM)
Premium/Discount ($)
Premium/Discount (%)
Daily Volume
30-Day Average Volume
30-Day Median Bid/Ask Spread

Net Asset Value is determined at the close of each business day, and represents the dollar value of one share of the Fund; it is calculated by taking the total assets of the fund, subtracting total liabilities, and dividing by the total number of shares outstanding. The NAV is not necessarily the same as the ETF 's intraday trading value. ETF investors should not expect to buy or sell shares at NAV.

Premium/Discount: The amount the Fund’s closing price is trading above or below the reported NAV, expressed as a percentage of the NAV. When the Fund’s closing price is greater than the Fund’s NAV, it is said to be trading at a “premium” and the percentage is expressed as a positive number. When the Fund’s closing price is less than the Fund’s NAV, it is said to be trading at a “discount” and the percentage is expressed as a negative number.

30 Day Bid/Ask Spread: The median bid-ask spread (expressed as a percentage rounded to the nearest hundredth) is calculated by identifying the national best bid and national best offer ("NBBO") for each Fund as of the end of each 10 second interval during each trading day of the last 30 calendar days and dividing the difference between each such bid and offer by the midpoint of the NBBO. The median of those values is identified.

30-Day Average Volume (Shares): The average number of shares traded in a security across all U.S. exchanges over the last 30 calendar days. Because ETFs trade like stocks at current market prices, shareholders may pay more than a Fund’s NAV when purchasing fund shares and may receive less than a Fund’s NAV when selling Fund shares. The premium and discount information contained on this website represents past performance and cannot be used to predict future results.

Portfolio Holdings
  • Top 10 Holdings
  • Sector Allocation
  • Geographic Breakdown
  • as of
Management Fee
Other Expenses
Gross Expense Ratio
Net Expense Ratio

Net expense ratio represents the total annual operating expenses that shareholders pay (after the effect of fee waivers and/or expense reimbursement). The investment manager has contractually undertaken to waive and/or reimburse certain fees and expenses so that the total annual operating expenses (excluding interest, brokerage commissions, acquired fund fees and expenses, taxes including any expenses relating to tax reclaims, dividend and interest expenses relating to short sales, and extraordinary expenses, if any) of the Fund are limited to 0.74% of average net assets through 8/31/2027. Absent such arrangements, which cannot be changed without Board approval, the returns may have been lower. Information as of most recent prospectus dated 12/18/2023, as amended and supplemented. Please see the Fund’s prospectus for additional details.

Steve S. Shigekawa
Senior Portfolio Manager
Steve S. Shigekawa, Senior Portfolio Manager
Steve Shigekawa, Managing Director, joined the firm in 2002. Steve is a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Real Estate Securities group. Previously, he was a research associate at Prudential Securities, an intern at Cohen & Steers Capital Management, and an associate at Wilshire Associates, where he spent four years. He received a BA from the University of California at Los Angeles and an MBA from New York University.
Brian Jones, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Brian C. Jones, CFA, Managing Director, joined the firm in 1999. Brian is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Real Estate Securities group. Previously, he was a research associate at UBS Warburg, Thornton Investment Management and The Dreyfus Corporation, where he began his career in 1993. Brian received a BA from Harvard University. He has also been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Anton Kwang, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Anton Kwang, CFA, Managing Director, joined the firm in 2014. Anton is a Portfolio Manager for the Asia-Pacific Real Estate portion of the Real Estate Securities group. Previously, he was the lead portfolio manager for the Asia Pacific region of Standard Life Investment’s global property funds in Hong Kong, and senior portfolio manager (Asia) at Perennial Investment Partners, and director and head of regional property research at ABN AMRO Bank. Anton received a BS from The University of Hong Kong. He has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
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