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Global Real Estate Fund

The content you are trying to access is not available for the global audience. It is available in United States.
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Global Real Estate Fund

Beyond traditional holdings, the Fund may be suited for investors looking to increase portfolio diversification and invest in real estate opportunities anywhere in the world.

  • A global portfolio seeking total return, emphasizing both current income and capital appreciation
  • Integrated analysis of both real estate and securities with a macro-informed view
  • A multisite team approach with Portfolio Managers located across continents to incorporate local perspective


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Product Characteristics

As of

Total (net) expense represents the total annual operating expenses that shareholders pay (after the effect of fee waivers and/or expense reimbursement). The Fund’s investment manager has contractually undertaken to waive and/or reimburse certain fees and expenses of the Fund so that the total annual operating expenses (excluding interest, taxes, brokerage commissions, acquired fund fees and expenses, dividend and interest expenses relating to short sales, and extraordinary expenses, if any; consequently, total (net) expenses may exceed the contractual cap) through 8/31/2023 for Class A at 1.36%, Class C at 2.11% and 1.00% for Institutional Class (each of average net assets). Absent such arrangements, which cannot be changed without Board approval, the returns may have been lower. Information as of the most recent prospectus dated December 13, 2019, as amended.

Figures are derived from FactSet as of 12/31/19. The Trailing Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio is the weighted harmonic aggregate of the Trailing P/E ratios of all the stocks currently held in the Portfolio. The Trailing P/E ratio of a stock is calculated by dividing the current ending price of the stock by its trailing 12 months’ Earnings Per Share (EPS).

A fund’s 30-day SEC Yield is similar to a yield to maturity for the entire portfolio. The formula is designated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This standardized mandatory calculation is more frequently associated with bond funds. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Absent any expense cap arrangement noted above, the SEC Yields may have been lower. A negative 30-Day SEC yield results when a Fund’s accrued expenses exceed its income for the relevant period. Please note, in such instances the 30-Day SEC yield may not equal the Fund’s actual rate of income earned and distributed by the fund and therefore, a per share distribution may still be paid to shareholders. The unsubsidized 30-day SEC yields for Class A, Class C and Institutional Class are -13.03%, -13.54% and -12.44% respectively.

Top 10 Holdings

As of September 30, 2020
American Tower 5.60%
Equinix Inc. Reit 4.70%
Segro 4.60%
Crown Castle International 4.20%
Prologis, Inc. 4.10%
Digital Realty Trust 3.20%
SBA Communications Corp 3.10%
Equity Lifestyle Properties 3.00%
Public Storage 2.80%
Shurgard Self Storage SA 2.70%

Top 10 Industries

As of September 30, 2020
Specialty REITs 37.40%
Industrial & Office REITs 26.00%
Residential REITs 17.10%
Real Estate Holding & Development 14.20%
Retail REITs 3.60%
IT Services 1.70%
Real Estate Investment Trusts 0.90%
Diversified REITs 0.80%

Management Team

Steve S. Shigekawa
Senior Portfolio Manager
26 Years of industry experience
18 Years with Neuberger Berman
Brian Jones, CFA
Portfolio Manager
27 Years of industry experience
21 Years with Neuberger Berman
Anton Kwang, CFA
Portfolio Manager
26 Years of industry experience
6 Years with Neuberger Berman
Gillian Tiltman
Portfolio Manager
16 Years of industry experience
6 Years with Neuberger Berman