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The Art of Active Investment

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The Art of Active Investment

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"The driving passions of my career and my life have been the art of trading and the support of art. Pursue your own passions, and leave the bulk of the investing to a professional."

– Roy R. Neuberger
Research Driven icon
Research Driven
In depth, bottom up analysis allows active managers to capture value across the entire investable universe.
Research Meetings with Company Management Teams at our offices in 2018
Dedicated Big Data analytics team
ESG data and proprietary ratings
Outcome Oriented icon
Outcome Oriented
Active strategies can be tailored to an individual’s needs with considerations including unique personal goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.
Investment professionals connected across public and private markets, equity, fixed income and alternatives
Portfolio Management Centers
Risk Aware icon
Risk Aware
Active strategies have the ability to employ risk mitigation techniques in an effort to protect portfolios from feeling the full force of a declining market.
Risk Management Professionals
Internal Audit and Guideline Monitoring Professionals
Read our insights on active management and how it can benefit investors across the asset class spectrum.
ESG Investing
An Active Approach to Long-Term Value Creation
The analytical limitations and performance outcomes of passive ESG, make active ESG integration the more robust choice from a risk and opportunity perspective.
Fixed Income
Active Bond Management: Adding Value in a Shifting Market
Though passive fixed income strategies have increased their share within certain market segments, there are a variety of factors that suggest an active approach to fixed income is a preferred option. This may become even more evident as policy normalization continues and the long-lived credit cycle eventually returns.
International Equity
Active Non-U.S. Equity for an Increasingly Volatile World
Risks and limitations of international passive investing and why active non-U.S. equity strategies have outperformed the MSCI EAFE index.
Small-Cap Equity
Small-Cap Passive Investing: Low Costs Come with Big Risks
Understanding the risks that passive small-cap equity vehicles present will be critical to navigating a shifting market environment.