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The Bolton Group

Tailored Investment Solutions

We are active managers. We are research oriented and adhere to stringent risk management guidelines. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and to provide our expertise. Our All Cap Core equity, Fixed Income and Balanced Income strategies offer a great depth and breadth of solutions designed to address a variety of needs, for an investment strategy that is tailored to our clients' individual objectives, income needs and risk tolerance.

Watch an Introduction to The Bolton Group

Portfolio Managers: (left to right) John DeStefano, Chris Reynolds, Darren Fogel,
David Pedowitz, James Baker, Maria Pappas, Mark Sullivan and Linda Ludwig

Latest Commentary

We invite you to learn more about our market views with our mid-year 2018 commentary. The full update is available through the link below. Highlights include:

  • Reasonable valuations, strong prospects for corporate earnings, and subdued inflation cause us to remain cautiously optimistic that the U.S. stock market can generate positive returns for the second half of 2018.
  • U.S. equity markets have been more volatile this year, driven by investor anxiety over protectionism, rising interest rates and the potential for accelerating inflation. In particular, escalating trade tensions have added uncertainty for investors and for corporate America.
  • The world continues to evolve at an accelerating pace. We are committed to owning companies that we believe will remain relevant well into the future.
  • Our positioning in the technology sector aligns the portfolio with many growth opportunities, while maintaining a disciplined valuation approach.

We will continue to vigilantly monitor macroeconomic, geopolitical and financial market conditions and are prepared to make adjustments when we believe appropriate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Philosophy & Process

Led by David Pedowitz, the Bolton Group is a faithful steward to high net-worth individuals, families, foundations and endowments. Their core equity, core balanced, fixed income and specialty portfolios provide clients with disciplined investment solutions with a focus on stringent risk management guidelines.

We seek to generate alpha by exploiting opportunities that present themselves in the marketplace.
These are largely the result of what we believe are mispricings resulting from events and conditions that engender uncertainty—business model changes, financial complexities, near-term operations disappointments, management changes and acquisitions and divestitures.

The combined top-down/bottom-up approach of our All Cap Core flagship strategy which seeks to identify value from a growth perspective encompasses a four-step process:

  • Identify growth industries with attractive characteristics; seek above-average GDP growth; strong macro outlook<
  • Seek quality franchise-type companies that grow faster than economy; growing market share; properly focused management
  • Select those stocks with attractive upside/downside profile and understandable risks
  • Evaluate the business model and apply intensive valuation approach; focus on organic growth and returns; study the competitive environment; perform extensive cash flow analyses

“We employ deep-value tools but fish in a pool of high-quality fish, resulting in a highly researched, diversified portfolio consistent with our market views.”


The Bolton Group At a Glance

  • 25-plus year heritage managing money for individuals and institutions
  • Over $6.5 billion in assets under management in equity, fixed income and hybrid strategies
  • Commitment to disciplined risk management
  • Significant focus on tailoring solutions to meet client goals, risk profile and time horizon

Distinctive Requirements, Custom Portfolios

A Collaborative Approach

Our relationships are highly individualized. We employ a comprehensive five-step approach to investment management, centered on client needs and objectives. We pride ourselves in the direct, in-person relationships we have developed with our clients and the outstanding service we provide.

“All of us at the Bolton Group work in concert to address client needs and engage in regular discussions about strategies designed to meet client objectives.”


Integrated Wealth Management Solutions

The Bolton Group partners with our clients’ trusted advisors to create multidimensional solutions that can incorporate investment, financial and tax planning, and trust and charitable giving strategies.

Investment Management

We offer customized, risk-balanced strategies designed to help address each client’s needs and goals.

  • Separately managed accounts
  • Flagship flexible equity, fully invested and fixed income strategies
  • Liquidity management

Asset Allocation and Asset Location

We take the time to understand each client’s objectives, needs, time horizons and attitude toward risk across different accounts, and develop customized strategies for each.

  • Taxable and tax-deferred accounts
  • Trust and custody accounts

Wealth Planning

We partner with clients and their advisors to help mitigate the impact of taxes and implement investment solutions within wealth transfer strategies.

  • Tax-aware investing
  • Charitable giving solutions
  • Able to deploy Neuberger Berman Trust Company for personal trust and institutional fiduciary services

To learn more about the Bolton Group, please call us at 212.476.5853.

This material is intended as a broad overview of the portfolio managers' current style, philosophy and process. This material is presented solely for informational purposes and nothing herein constitutes investment, legal, accounting or tax advice, or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a security. Information is obtained from sources deemed reliable, but there is no representation or warranty as to its accuracy, completeness or reliability. All information is current as of the date of this material and is subject to change without notice. Any views or opinions expressed may not reflect those of the firm as a whole. Third-party economic or market estimates discussed herein may or may not be realized and no opinion or representation is being given regarding such estimates. Certain products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all client types. Investing entails risks, including possible loss of principal.