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The Kantor Group

Bottom-up Investment Strategies from an Experienced Team

Charles Kantor, Head of the Kantor Group at Neuberger Berman, alongside his team of sector-specific analysts and client administrators, are experienced investors, deeply engaged with clients and in command of exceptional resources. They have been managing client assets through multiple business cycles with the goal of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.

The Kantor Group (left to right): Raman Gambhir, Marc Regenbaum, Charles Nguyen, Amy Norflus, Kelly McMahon, Charles Kantor, Ralph DeFeo, Arleny Quezada, Frank Bisk, Diana Bruno, Parrish Smith and Tracy Meyer.


Philosophy & Process

We provide clients with a total return investment strategy that seeks capital appreciation aligned with their investment objectives through a disciplined research and investment process.

Using a flexible, all-cap approach, we seek to invest in attractive businesses, with strong management teams and compelling valuations.
Our comprehensive research process results in assets being invested across three "buckets":

  • Capital Growth: Companies that demonstrate attractive industry fundamentals, strong competitive positions and significant re-investment opportunities
  • Total Return: Emphasize sustainable and/or growing streams of income underpinned by asset value
  • Opportunistic: Identifiable catalysts; change as a source of value creation

The Kantor Group at a Glance


  • Hands-on, customized solutions for clients
  • Direct interaction with portfolio manager
  • Frequent client communication

Disciplined investment process

  • Five-step fundamental investment approach grounded in the principles of economic profit
  • Combine quantitative analysis and qualitative judgment to form investment thesis
  • Disciplined investment process that relies heavily on original research and meetings with management to uncover value
  • History of engagement with the management teams of portfolio companies in an effort to uncover value

Investment experience and research expertise

  • Charles Kantor has over 20 years of industry experience
  • Over $4 billion in assets under management for individuals, families and institutions
  • Significant separate account money management experience
  • Dedicated analysts have 13 years average industry experience and are organized by sector-specific expertise

Now Available as a Mutual Fund

The Kantor Group, which has for some time managed assets both on a long-only and long-short basis, also manages the Neuberger Berman Long Short Fund, which seeks to provide equity exposure with lower volatility than the broader market.

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To learn more about the Kantor Group, please call Tracy Meyer at 212-476-5567.

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