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Solving for 2019 | London Conference

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Top Level Thoughts from Neuberger Berman's Investment Professionals

At this year’s ‘Solving For 2019’ conference Joseph Amato and Erik Knutzen set out our 12-month view for the economy and markets, explaining why we think the U.S. economy can achieve a “soft landing” this year as the rest of the world regains some momentum. We believe that raises the prospect of a further extension of the current, already long cycle—although both Joe and Erik acknowledged that we are now much closer to the end of that cycle than the beginning. Erik outlined some of the challenges that managers of multi-asset portfolios face from these emerging mature-cycle dynamics, and two of his themes—the role of uncorrelated strategies and the testing demands of credit investing—were expanded in the following panel discussions.

Below you will find a full video presentation from Joe Amato, President & CIO, summaries of each session plus additional Solving for 2019 insights.


Solving Gallery

    Session Summaries

    Learn More About Important Topics Covered at the Conference

    The Year Ahead: Outlook and Challenges
    Joseph V. Amato, President and CIO—Equities, talked about the prospects for a “soft landing” in the U.S., the new stance being adopted by monetary policymakers, the threats to growth in Europe and China, and the bottom-up view on corporate earnings and leverage. | PDF

    Putting It Into Practice: Multi-Asset Class Strategy
    Erik Knutzen, CIO—Multi Asset Class, addressed the appearance of value in risk assets since the late-2018 sell-off, the late-cycle dynamics informing our expectations for higher inflation, interest rates, volatility and stock-bond correlations, and the importance of seeking out less traditional opportunities in credit, uncorrelated strategies and private markets. | PDF

    Uncorrelated Strategies For Volatile Times
    Panellists active in insurance-linked strategies, event-driven investing, alternative risk premia and diversified portfolios of uncorrelated strategies discussed the nature and role of uncorrelated investing—its different forms, the way they work, their diversifying potential, and the dos and don’ts of implementation. | PDF

    Credit Opportunities In A Maturing Cycle
    Panellists active in distressed investing, collateralized loan obligations and corporate hybrids talked about the importance of credit quality, being flexible and opportunistic, and getting off the beaten track when it comes to navigating late-cycle credit markets. | PDF

    A Gentle Descent Back Into Balance

    Our senior investment leaders look to the coming year in the global economy and markets, and offer their “10 for 2019”—the themes and dynamics that they believe will define the next 12 months.