Volatility is not a word that the Options market is a stranger to, but after a period of relative calm, Options market volatility has returned for the foreseeable future. The first question that comes to mind is--are the opportunities still there amid these volatile times? And if so, are emerging Options investors in a good position to go out and find them? Derek Devens, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Neuberger Berman Option group, chats with Vanessa Rosenthal, COO of Neuberger Berman’s Quantitative and Multi-Asset Class Investments, about what the options are in Options investing.

Asset Manager Podcast of the Year

We are proud to share our award for 2020 Asset Manager Podcast of the Year from the Fund Intelligence’s Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards. It is an honor to share thought-provoking content with clients and listeners around the globe.