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Welcome to Disruptive Forces, a podcast series featuring Neuberger Berman’s seasoned investors who discuss trends that are transforming the investment industry and beyond.

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Latest Disruptive Forces Episodes
Disruptive Forces in Investing Podcast
August 03, 2022

The Private Equity of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

(22:07) Traditionally, Private Equity has offered key return potential and diversification benefits, which has allowed it to grow dramatically in the last 30 years. But could we see that growth continue as markets take a downturn?

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Disruptive Forces in Investing Podcast
July 19, 2022

Forgo FOMO: Growth Investing for the Long Term

(12:08) As investors grapple with what the options are in today’s market, we look to growth stocks, which some may consider to be too risky right now, but we uncover how we believe that might not actually be the case…

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Connected Consumers
As retail spending trends can be a key factor into the state of the market, we look at how the newer generations are sharing insights that some might not have noticed before…
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Anu Rajakumar, Multi-Asset Class Advisor

Anu Mathur Rajakumar, Senior Vice President, joined the Neuberger Berman in 2008. Anu has spent most of her tenure at the firm as a member of the Quantitative and Multi-Asset Class investment team. As a portfolio specialist on the team, her focus is on delivering customized multi-asset class solutions and working with our firm’s Strategic Partner clients to achieve their unique goals and objectives.

Prior to joining the Quantitative and Multi-Asset Class investment team, she worked in the firm’s hedge fund solutions group, where she was an analyst. Anu received a BS in Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.