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Experience and Stability

Neuberger Berman by design attracts individuals who share a passion for investing and who thrive in an environment of rigorous analysis, challenging dialogue, and professional and personal respect. In a testament to the strength of the culture we have built—honed by more than 80 years of markets and countless “once-in-a-lifetime” events—these professionals have tended to stay with the firm, stability that over time drives results and consistency of process.

Our portfolio managers have worked in asset management for more than 28 years on average, most of it at Neuberger Berman. And while our clients benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned professionals, we are always looking to supplement their ranks with emerging talent. By enabling the transfer of knowledge, providing growth opportunities for skilled investors and building thoughtful succession plans, we seek to ensure a consistent client experience over the long term.

Portfolio Manager Experience
client assets managed by lead portfolio managers who have 20+ years of industry experience
average years of industry experience
average years of working together at Neuberger Berman
Retention Levels for Senior Investment Professionals
Managing Directors (includes retirements) Managing Directors (competitor departures only)
2023 99%
2022 99%
2021 99%
2020 100%
2019 100%
2018 99%
Risk Management

Risk management has been central to Neuberger Berman’s investment culture since our founding in 1939. As an employee-owned manager, everyone at Neuberger Berman is invested in identifying and managing risk—risk to our clients, risk to our portfolios, risk to our reputation.

We believe that fostering an environment of strong internal control is vital. To this end, we have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets and our reputation. Our risk professionals act as an independent complement to each investment team’s portfolio construction process, driving investment and operational risk reviews in collaboration with other control units of the firm, such as information technology, operations, legal and compliance, asset management guideline oversight and internal audit. With our Chief Risk Officer reporting directly to Neuberger Berman’s Chief Executive Officer, our risk management structure is enhanced by an ability to escalate issues as necessary to firm leadership, as well as our fund boards and firm board of directors.

ESG: A Purpose-Driven Investment Approach

Neuberger Berman believes that material environmental, social and governance (ESG) characteristics are an important driver of long-term investment returns from both an opportunity and a risk mitigation perspective. We also understand that for many of our clients the impact of their portfolio is an important consideration in conjunction with investment performance.

We consider the integration of ESG factors into the firm’s strategic plans to be consistent with our mission statement and overall investment culture. From our first application of “avoidance screens” in the early 1940s, to the launch of our Sustainable Equity Investment team in 1989, Neuberger Berman has been at the forefront of advancing the integration of ESG characteristics into investment processes.

Today, we continue to build upon this legacy, driven by our belief that ESG factors, like any other factor, should be incorporated in a manner consistent with the specific asset class and style of each investment strategy.

Neuberger Berman collaborates closely with our clients and industry peers to build awareness and encourage broader disclosure. Across our investment platform, Neuberger Berman looks for opportunities to engage on ESG issues and trends, and to support clients to increase the impact of their investments. We measure our success through sustained improvement in our ESG expertise.

ESG investing can be employed in a variety of ways to help generate enhanced returns as well as to implement non-financial objectives within a portfolio. We believe our approach not only benefits our clients, but can also support better-functioning capital markets and generate positive impacts for the world as a whole.

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