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US Real Estate Securities Fund

The content you are trying to access is not available for the global audience. It is available in Germany.

US Real Estate Securities Fund

UCITS Fund | Equities

US Real Estate Securities Fund

SFDR Classification | Article 8

A concentrated portfolio of U.S. real estate securities that seeks to achieve total return, emphasising both current income and long-term capital appreciation

Why Invest

A Distinct Approach

High-conviction portfolio typically focused on 30–45 securities with tactical rotation among property sectors/geographical regions based on economic/regional fundamentals

Consistent, Focused Investment Process

Balances real estate analysis with fundamental security analysis, using a combination of top-down selected property sectors and bottom-up security selection in an effort to optimise portfolio mix

Experienced Investors

Co-portfolio managers have an average of 25+ years of industry experience and have worked together on the portfolio since 2003

This is a marketing communication in respect of the Neuberger Berman US Real Estate Securities Fund. Please refer to the fund prospectus and offering documents, including the Key Information Document (“KID”) or Key Investor Information Document (“KIID”) as applicable, before making any final investment decisions. Investors should note that by making an investment they will own shares in the fund, and not the underlying assets.

The fund complies with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (the “SFDR”) and is classified as an Article 8 SFDR fund. Neuberger Berman believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors, like any other factor, should be incorporated in a manner appropriate for the specific asset class, investment objective and style of each investment strategy.

Key Risks

Market Risk: The risk of a change in the value of a position as a result of underlying market factors, including among other things, the overall performance of companies and the market perception of the global economy.

Liquidity Risk: The risk that the fund may be unable to sell an investment readily at its fair market value. In extreme market conditions this can affect the fund’s ability to meet redemption requests upon demand.

Real Estate Risk: Real estate investments, including Real Estate Investment Trust Securities (“REITs”) or similar structures, are subject to volatility and additional risks, and the share value may decline due to events affecting the real estate industry. The properties held by REITs could fall in value for a variety of reasons, such as declines in rental income, poor property management, environmental liabilities, uninsured damage, increased competition, or changes in real estate tax laws. There is also a risk that REIT stock prices overall will decline over short or even long periods because of rising interest rates.

Counterparty Risk: The risk that a counterparty will not fulfil its payment obligation for a trade, contract or other transaction, on the due date.

Operational Risk: The risk of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed processes, people and systems including those relating to the safekeeping of assets or from external events.

Derivatives Risk: The fund is permitted to use certain types of financial derivative instruments (including certain complex instruments). This may increase the fund’s leverage significantly which may cause large variations in the value of your share. Investors should note that the fund may achieve its investment objective by investing principally in Financial Derivative Instruments (FDI). There are certain investment risks that apply in relation to the use of FDI. The fund’s use of FDI can involve significant risks of loss.

Currency Risk: Investors who subscribe in a currency other than the base currency of the fund are exposed to currency risk. Fluctuations in exchange rates may affect the return on investment. Where past performance is shown it is based on the share class to which this webpage relates. If the currency of this share class is different from your local currency, then you should be aware that due to exchange rate fluctuations the performance shown may increase or decrease if converted into your local currency.


For full information on the risks please refer to the fund prospectus and offering documents, including the KID or KIID, as applicable.

Performance and Exposures
Fund Facts

The ongoing charge figure (incl. management fee) is based on the annual expenses for the period ending 31 December 2023.

The fund’s benchmark name shown here may be abbreviated. Please refer to the supplement for the full benchmark name.

Portfolio Management Team
Brian Jones, CFA
Portfolio Manager
31 Years of Industry Experience
24 Years with Neuberger Berman
Steve S. Shigekawa
Senior Portfolio Manager
30 Years of Industry Experience
22 Years with Neuberger Berman
Brian Jones, CFA, Portfolio Manager
Brian C. Jones, CFA, Managing Director, joined the firm in 1999. Brian is a Co-Portfolio Manager for the Real Estate Securities group. Previously, he was a research associate at UBS Warburg, Thornton Investment Management and The Dreyfus Corporation, where he began his career in 1993. Brian received a BA from Harvard University. He has also been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Steve S. Shigekawa, Senior Portfolio Manager
Steve Shigekawa, Managing Director, joined the firm in 2002. Steve is a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Real Estate Securities group. Previously, he was a research associate at Prudential Securities, an intern at Cohen & Steers Capital Management, and an associate at Wilshire Associates, where he spent four years. He received a BA from the University of California at Los Angeles and an MBA from New York University.
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