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The Inflation Inflection: Adjusting to the New Paradigm

We believe 2021 marked an inflection point to a new era of structurally higher inflation—here we offer some ideas about how to position portfolios for the risks, the opportunities and the heightened uncertainty that implies.

Latest Insights

CIO Weekly Perspectives
August 07, 2022

Recession Semantics

Whether the U.S. is actually in a recession is debatable, but high inflation will affect companies both positively and negatively.

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Asset Allocation Committee Outlook
July 12, 2022

Into the Inflationary Slowdown

As inflation persists and recession risks rise, our Asset Allocation Committee sees more yield potential in fixed income and favors commodities for ongoing inflation exposure, but remains cautious in equities.

Our Firm

Neuberger Berman Annual Report - July 2022

In this year’s edition of the Annual Report, we turn the tables on ourselves as we judge our progress over the past year and think about what lies ahead for our business.

Systematically Speaking
June 28, 2022

Did You Miss the Commodity Boom?

Commodity prices are up substantially this year, but we believe structural supply and demand imbalances mean we are still in the early innings of this cycle.

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Focus Strategy

5G Connectivity

Now, more than ever, we live in a technologically connected world.With the growth in 5G technology we can expect much more.

July 07, 2022

Building Value as Conditions Tighten

We anticipate resilient fundamentals, but also volatility tied to inflation and higher short rates.

Investment Ideas


Global and European Sustainable Equity Strategies

The pace of change within technology, society and the world in general is driving some powerful investment themes. Our recently launched Global and European Sustainable Equity Funds seek to identify quality businesses where sustainability reinforces competitive advantage.


Thematic Equities

Thematic investing is about looking to the future and seeking to identify the key mega-trends impacting our society and economy. Many of these trends are driven by technology disruption, creating a rapidly unfolding race with winners and losers.