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Thoughts from our investment professionals on the evolving state of global markets and the macro economy

May 21, 2024
India's Renewable Energy Revolution

India's renewable energy revolution: Rapid growth, extensive capital needs and a friendly regulatory backdrop are contributing to a burgeoning opportunity for investors.

India's renewable energy sector is growing rapidly, aiming for an additional 310 gigawatts of generation capacity by 2030 over the current 190 gigawatts, and reflecting India's commitment to sustainable energy. This ambition is fostering a burgeoning investment landscape, with a minimum of $200 billion1 likely required for the new generation capacity—not including the significant capital needed...

April 30, 2024
AI In Your Pocket

Computing power is shifting from the cloud to the “edge,” unlocking new opportunities for chipmakers and embedding AI more deeply into our daily lives.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked a revolution that is likely just beginning to unfold. In phase one, large-language models processing galaxies of data in the “cloud” gave birth to astounding technologies such as Chat GPT and Sora. Now comes phase two: a new era in which AI moves from the cloud to the “edge,” where computations are done nearer the data’s source—that is, nearer the end-users—thereby...

March 28, 2024
A Better Way To Get Your Cocoa Fix

Wake up, passive investors: Attractive opportunities often lie beyond the confines of conventional commodity benchmarks. Cocoa is a case in point.

Cocoa has been stealing the headlines with prices rising to levels hard for chocoholics to digest. It’s a reminder of the breadth of opportunity that commodities offer. But getting a taste of cocoa isn’t straightforward, thanks to the rigid structures of traditional commodity benchmarks. That’s why we believe investors should take a more active approach, particularly in niche markets.

Historically, chocolate, which represents 80-90% of...

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