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Thoughts from our investment professionals on the evolving state of global markets and the macro economy

May 20, 2022
Ukraine Is Driving Space Economy Awareness

High-resolution satellite imagery from Ukraine reminds us of the burgeoning opportunity in the space economy.

Circumstances in Ukraine have raised awareness of the remarkable capabilities and investable opportunities of next-generation satellite imagery that can reveal photographic details from tens and even hundreds of miles overhead. Barely a day goes by without new, front-page photographs taken just hours earlier of conditions on the ground roughly half a planet away. While most consumers are familiar with the advances in personal photography and vcommunication enabled as part of the smartphone ...

May 19, 2022
A New ECB Tool to Prevent Market Fragmentation?

Eurozone monetary policy normalization is likely here—with the potential need for a new twist.

After years of very accommodative monetary policy to protect eurozone integrity and to compensate for the lack of fiscal support to counter multiple crises (COVID-19 being the latest), the time has come for the European Central Bank to normalize of its policy. Inflation has risen to very elevated levels, mainly due to energy prices and supply chain bottlenecks exacerbated by the zero-COVID policy in China and by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP)...

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