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Thoughts from our investment professionals on the evolving state of global markets and the macro economy

July 12, 2024
Could Labour’s Victory Benefit European High Yield?

The new U.K. government’s manifesto contains a number of policies that are likely to support some sectors within the European high yield universe.

The Labour Party’s electoral victory has placed it in a strong position to implement policy priorities. And while one may debate the overall impact on the economy and markets, we believe that some ideas could have a positive effect on various segments of the European high yield market.

Let’s start with housing. The government is hoping to support the construction of 1.5 million new homes within the next five years, implying ...

July 10, 2024
Will the EU Elections Derail Climate Policy?

Despite strong performances by right-leaning and Euroskeptic parties, we don’t expect the results will significantly hinder the EU’s transition to net zero.

Europe’s election season has been full of surprises: This year’s European Parliament elections have sent unprecedented shockwaves across Brussels and EU Member States, and the relatively poor performance of ruling parties in Germany and France has left the legitimacy of both governments hanging by a thread, culminating in a historic snap election in France that could render the country ungovernable ...

July 01, 2024
Here Come The Really Smart Devices

Computex 2024 and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference heralded the potential ubiquity of AI-driven handheld devices.

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are poised to make current smart devices look downright dull.

This past June, humanity’s AI-driven future was on full display—from the grand stage of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in Cupertino, Calif., to the vibrant floors of Computex in Taiwan.

In our view, the next generation of AI-packed smart devices has the potential to anticipate our needs and simplify our lives in ways we never thought

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