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Neuberger Berman Insurance-Linked Strategies

Neuberger Berman’s insurance-linked strategies (“NB ILS”) provide diversified exposure to insurance-linked investments in catastrophe risk markets that are uncorrelated with traditional asset classes.

Neuberger Berman’s Insurance-Linked Strategies (formerly Cartesian Re) launched in 2009. Its mission is to deliver uncorrelated and attractive risk-adjusted returns using a dynamic and active risk management approach, leveraging the broader Neuberger Berman platform.

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Capabilities Overview

Uncorrelated Return Strategy

NB ILS focuses on capturing natural event risk premium through a diversified portfolio of insurance-linked investments in catastrophe risk markets

Active Risk Management

Team proactively identifies new opportunities to take advantage of short-term dislocations and monitors key short-term risk parameters to seek to optimize risk and return profile

Specialized Team

Deep backgrounds in climate science, risk modeling, underwriting, and portfolio management, coupled with ten-year track record

Investment Principles

The NB ILS team seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns that are demonstrably uncorrelated with traditional asset classes.

Focus on Low Correlation to Traditional Asset Classes

Invest in insurance-linked securities, such as industry loss warranties, that are based on occurrence of large scale, low probability natural events and are independent of financial markets.

Actively Manage the Portfolio

We employ a risk-centric, rather than a return-target approach, and actively manage risk by sourcing new opportunities, monitoring key short-term risk parameters and taking advantage of short-term dislocations.

Leverage Best-in-Class Resources

Utilize the broad resources of Neuberger Berman and NB Alternatives, such as finance, operations, legal and risk teams for operational support as well as the alternative investments, insurance solutions, big data and research teams for additional due diligence insights.

Management Team

Peter DiFiore, PhD, CAIA
Managing Director
15 Years of Industry Experience
5 Years with Neuberger Berman
16 Years of Industry Experience
5 Years with Neuberger Berman

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Neuberger Berman Insurance-Linked Strategies
1290 Avenue of the Americas, 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10104