George Walker was a contributor to the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC)1, which unites over 30 global business leaders across the entire investment chain to advance long-term value measures.

EPIC is founded on a simple idea: in order for society and economies to thrive, business needs to focus not only on the short term, but also the long term.

Balancing pragmatism and materiality, the contributors collaboratively identified and focused on four key value drivers of long-term, sustainable growth:

  • Talent: the way companies manage their human capital when it comes to compensation and benefits; recruitment; training and development; diversity and inclusion; well-being and creating a purpose-driven culture of engagement
  • Innovation: fulfilling unmet needs and maintaining focus on the end user during the innovation process and fostering trust in the organization
  • Society and Environment: the impact on external stakeholders and communities by contributing to business-relevant social and environmental goals
  • Governance: the effectiveness of the board in providing appropriate oversight, governance mechanisms to ensure board quality and independence, and the ability of leadership, in conjunction with the board, to develop and assess long-term strategy

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