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Strategy Insights
April 2022
Electrification: Paving the Road to Emissions Reduction
As investors focused on long-term sustainability, we have long focused on emissions, energy efficiency as well as long-term opportunities and threats in business models as it relates to their sustainability and competitiveness over the long run.
Strategy Insights
December 2021
The Opportunity in Wind
As the fossil fuel industry, coal in particular, may suffer job losses, it is important to ensure that a low carbon energy transition can work for everyone.
Strategy Insights
September 2021
ESG and Shareholder Value: Why Link Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Metrics to Executive Compensation?
With mounting evidence pointing to the materiality of ESG issues and potential ties to financial performance, we have seen investors asking for more companies to incorporate relevant and material sustainability / ESG metrics into their executive compensation plans.
Strategy Insights
April 2021
How Sustainable Are Your Proteins?
Trends around health and wellness and a growing sense of climate change concerns have given rise to the growing acceptance of a flexitarian diet.
Strategy Insights
December 2020
2020 Wrap-Up: ESG in Focus
We round off the year with optimism for life beyond the pandemic, but also a laser focus on the ESG issues the pandemic has further zoomed in on.
Strategy Insights
December 2020
NB ESG Quotient: Broad Perspective and Granular Insights From Proprietary ESG Ratings
Our ratings consider potentially material impacts at both company and portfolio levels.
Strategy Insights
November 2020
The Path to Carbon Reduction
As investors that take climate change leadership into consideration, we often ask ourselves, how robust and meaningful are these goals and how do a company’s climate and business goals align?
Strategy Insights
October 2020
Materiality Matters
How Environmental, Social and Governance Issues Inform Long-term Growth and Sustainability of Companies
Strategy Insights
August 2020
Narrowing the Living Wage Divergence
The gap between the richest and the poorest U.S. households is now the largest it’s been in the past 50 years.
Strategy Insights
April 2020
Commitment to Workplace Issues
Neuberger Berman became an investor signatory to the Workforce Disclosure Initiative (WDI) in 2019, as part of its ongoing commitment to evaluating workplace issues.
Strategy Insights
December 2019
Commitment on Climate
Our Sustainable Equity team explores a recent engagement on measurement of carbon emissions.