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NB Custom Direct Investing (CDI)™

NB CDI™ is a Separately Managed Account (SMA) platform customizing equity portfolios to client specifications around tax liabilities, personal values, factor tilts and risk guidelines.

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Why Custom SMAs?
Gain control over your client's tax experience based on their tax liabilities and tax rates
Capitalize on market volatility with year-round tax loss harvesting
Tailor your client's equity exposure around your client's stock concentration and personal values
Reduce the cost of change with personalized, tax-efficient transitions
NB CDI™ Investment Experience
Full suite of 40+ core, active, and factor strategies available
Frequent portfolio rebalancing to manage individual tax liabilities
Real-time access to holdings and after-tax performance through digital portal
Portfolio customization including personal values, factor tilts, and stock / industry restrictions
Reporting and Service
The NB CDI™ platform offers a wide array of resources to improve the client investment experience
Monthly After-Tax Reporting
Monthly client reports detailing after-tax experience. Household reporting and wash sale coordination available for clients with multiple accounts.
Tax Transition Analysis
Analyze the tax impact and risk implications of transitioning assets in-kind transfer vs. cash funding.
Charitable Gifting Analysis
Help clients maximize charitable gifting efforts while managing risk
Personal Values Reporting
Transparent detail of how client's personal values have been implemented in the investment portfolio.
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NB CDI™ Householding: A More Holistic Approach to Client Customization
While direct indexing offers clients an entry point for considering after-tax returns, at Neuberger Berman we believe that providing tax optimization across the entirety of an investor’s equity allocation can offer a better client outcome.
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