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NB Custom Direct Investing (CDI)TM

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Since 1939 Neuberger Berman has been helping our clients innovate and benefit from changing dynamics. We continue to evolve and now offer customized managed accounts, enabling advisors to deliver investment solutions that are tailored to each individual client.
Technology-driven platform using the TaxMTM optimizer to build custom separate accounts for individuals and institutions
Enhanced reporting, including realized gain/loss, transition analysis when transferring securities in-kind, and charitable-gifting analysis
To access an array of investment strategies spanning active, core, hedged and client-tailored blends
Custom digital tools allow for seamless account maintenance, scenario analysis and personalization
Platform built for ease of use and scale, enabling advisors to deliver better client outcomes
Personalized ESG integration available (Neuberger Berman was recently named a member of the PRI 2020 Leaders’ Group)1
Seeks to add value through consistent tax alpha above the benchmark by deferring taxes and harvesting losses within a customized managed account
Aims to take advantage of short-term volatility in liquid equity allocations to help strategically managed taxes
Clients can select actively managed fundamental and systematic strategies with demonstrated track records across the NB platform
Provide a more efficient loss harvesting opportunity to offset gains with a broader wealth portfolio than generic ETFs, mutual funds or tax-unaware
Detailed reporting including after-tax return and gain/loss transition analysis provides transparency management
Leading ESG investing capabilities are used to tailor clients’ portfolios to meet their individual ESG needs2
Appreciated securities can be gifted, included in a broader estate plan or held until a suitable liquidation opportunity arises
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