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Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute

Dynamic programs, processes and tools to help financial advisors build enduring relationships
Partnering for Practice Excellence
At Neuberger Berman, our commitment to our clients goes beyond investing. Our goal is to partner with advisors to help them maximize their potential and grow their business. Building a better advisory practice is an evolving mission. It demands time, discipline and a desire to continually reach your clients with meaningful, relevant information. The Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute (NBAI) works hand-in-hand with many of the nation’s leading advisory groups. We encourage you to learn more about how we can help you expand in new markets, deepen your client relationships and elevate your practice.
Advisors Face a Growing Number of Challenges Today
The Rise of Holistic Financial Planning Services
Investors are increasingly seeking a more holistic financial planning service model and goals-based advice from their advisors.
Fee Models Shifting the Industry’s Core
As the shift away from transactional to fee-based accounts continues, advisors should evaluate how they define their core expertise and value.
Client Segmentation is Driving Service
Advisors are reshaping their client segmentation strategies by leveraging differentiators and varying skill sets to serve both younger and older generations.
Changing the Conversation
A series that focuses on topics that are essential to growing your practice and retaining the next generation of wealth.
Introducing ‘Changing the Conversation’
Cheri Brooks, Head of Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute, introduces our new video series.
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 Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Did you know that 66-95% of children fire their parents’ financial advisor after they receive an inheritance?1

A plan to connect with your clients’ adult children has never been more critical. Learn how Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute can help.

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Anticipating the Unexpected
Did you know that only 20% of HNW Households report that their primary provider has greater than 90% wallet share?2

Having a holistic plan that addresses all of a family’s needs can be a challenge. Our program aims to get the entire family involved in investment planning and decision making for the future including planning for the unexpected.

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Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute
We Can Help You Find Solutions
Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute will partner with you to grow your practice utilizing customized solutions. NBAI will gain insights into your business parameters and issues by posing questions such as:
Who is your ideal client?
How is your practice segmented?
How are you differentiating yourself?
How often and by what methods do you communicate?
How are you connecting with the next generation of wealth?
How are you engaging key centers of influence?
Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute
Discover Our Suite of Services
Grow Your Practice. Deepen Your Client Relationships.
Our team provides new ideas, approaches and perspectives to help you expand client relationships and build upon existing referral sources.
Family Love Letter®
Family Love Letter®
A wealth transfer program designed to pave a path for you to deepen your relationship with the entire family and develop advocates within your business. Through a “story telling process” we partner with you and your team to differentiate and grow your practice among your clients, their children, attorneys, CPA’s and other centers of influence.
Anticipating the Unexpected & Surviving Spouse Checklist
Anticipating the Unexpected & Surviving Spouse Checklist

A 12-month guide to working with your advisor immediately following the death of a loved one.

This tool is designed to help position the advisor as the family’s financial quarterback by creating a plan to help navigate their overall financial picture, investment portfolio, retirement income needs, annuity and life insurance coverage, long-term care and estate planning.

Advisor DNA: Develop. Network. Advance
Advisor DNA: Develop. Network. Advance

This four-part program captures the inherent traits of highly successful top-ranked advisors and delivers them to you to help you grow your business, communicate your value and better serve your clients.

Best Practices Modules
  • Growing Your Business
  • Communicating Your Value
  • Serving Your Clients
  • Structuring Your Practice
Gen Bridge
GenBridge: Why Connecting Across Generations Is the Key to Growing Your Practice
GenBridge: Why Connecting Across Generations Is the Key to Growing Your Practice

A presentation that explores the evolving role of women and adult children in family finances, providing tools to help you not only retain assets but also gain market share as wealth transfers from generation to generation.

We understand that family dynamics can be complex and each relationship needs to be approached differently. GenBridge will help you identify key constituents in client households and assist you in crafting custom messages to make you the go-to person in times of need.

Life Event Series
Life Event Series
A review of more than 30 potentially life-changing events – pivotal times driving change and creating money in motion – for your clients.
Things that happen to you
Things that happen to your parents
Things that happen to your children
Things that happen to your home
Money Women Power
Money, Women and Power: What Every Woman Should Know
Money, Women and Power: What Every Woman Should Know

Nine in ten women will be solely responsible for their family’s finance at some point in their lives.

This program is designed to engage and empower women in financial matters. During the seminar, you will work with your client to develop a comprehensive plan to help organize her current financial life, as well as prepare for the unexpected, including the death or disability of the spouse.

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The Team
Are you actively building your practice with client drive intelligence?
Meet the experienced team delivering effective practice management solutions
Cheri Brooks
Head of Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute
Karen Drancik
Business Development Advisor
Cheri Brooks, Head of Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute

Cheri Brooks, CPA, Senior Vice President, joined the firm in 1993. Cheri is Business Developer and Head of the Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute (NBAI). Previously, Cheri was the Regional Vice President for the Midwestern territory for Neuberger Berman Intermediary Sales where she worked with 401(k) providers, insurance companies, banks, broker/dealers, and financial advisors. Prior to joining the firm, she was tax consultant with Arthur Andersen & Co. Cheri was on the board for the Chicago Women Investment Professionals (WIP) from 2003-08 and is currently an active member and board alum. She also served on the Advisory Board for Women’s Initiative Leading Lehman (WILL) from 2004-06 and the Co-Chair of WILL from 2007-08. Cheri was a recipient of the Lehman Brothers/Neuberger Berman’s Diversity Award for 3 consecutive years (2005-07) and is a former member of the Chicago Financial Women’s Association from 2003-06. Cheri received her BA in Accounting from Illinois Wesleyan University where she graduated cum laude. Cheri is a Certified Public Accountant.

Karen Drancik, Business Development Advisor

Karen Drancik, Senior Vice President, joined the firm in 2006. Karen is a Business Development Advisor with the Neuberger Berman Advisor Institute. Previously, Karen was regional vice president and alternative investment specialist at Evergreen Investments, where she sold Hedge Fund of Funds, Private Equity, Managed Futures and Commodities funds. Karen has over 20 years of portfolio management and sales experience with firms such as Wachovia and Bank of America Capital Management. Karen received a BA in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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