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Neuberger Berman Breton Hill

Neuberger Berman Breton Hill provides investment solutions to a diverse mix of institutional, intermediary, high net worth and individual investors.

Neuberger Berman Breton Hill ULC (formerly Breton Hill Capital Ltd.) (“NB Breton Hill”) launched in 2011 with an anchor investment from one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated public pension plans. Our mission is to deliver long-term value for investors using a disciplined, multidimensional approach to investing, leveraging a robust technology platform. On November 1, 2017, NB Breton Hill joined Neuberger Berman to enhance the firm’s quantitative investment capabilities.


Neuberger Berman Breton Hill ULC

BHC joins Neuberger Berman and accesses a broader platform and additional fundamental data

Breton Hill Capital Ltd.

BHC launches stand-alone risk premia and tax-managed strategies
BHC partners with Ken Armstead to launch BHC Macro Investment Management LLC
BHC partners with Purpose Investments to launch several risk premia ETFs and mutual funds
BHC builds customized risk premia solution for a large public pension plan

DGAM/Carlyle Group

Future BHC co-founders build customized risk premia portfolios for large Canadian pension plans while at DGAM1
Future BHC co-founders apply factor analysis tools to allocate and manage risk from portfolios of external managers

RBC/Northwater Capital

Ray Carroll2 builds factor analysis tools to manage equity & equity arbitrage
Frank Maeba2 trades currency, commodity and interest rate factors (carry, momentum, value and curve)
Simon Griffiths2 conducts statistical analysis for asset allocation decisions on overlay portfolios

1 Diversified Global Asset Management (DGAM) was subsequently acquired by The Carlyle Group.
2 BHC co-founders

Capabilities Overview

Alternative Risk Premia (ARP)

NB Breton Hill is one of the pioneers in the ARP space, providing access to risk premia across styles and asset classes in both commingled vehicles and customized formats

Disciplined Equity Investments

NB Breton Hill offers a range of diversified factor-based solutions to individual and institutional investors, including long-only, long/short and tax-managed programs

Quantitative Macro

NB Breton Hill’s quantitative macro trading strategies have been employed by some of the world’s largest institutional investors

Investment Principles

All strategies managed by NB Breton Hill reflect a shared set of core investment principles.

We Have a Disciplined Approach to Investing

We are dedicated to rigorous research and maintaining state-of-the-art technology to aid investment decisions. We believe an investment edge comes from marrying quantitative tools with experienced market practitioners.

We Invest Based on Macro Themes

We specialize in identifying trends across different asset classes and geographies so we can tactically shift capital to markets with attractive opportunities.

We Have Industry-Leading Infrastructure

We have established a high-quality operational platform, including robust daily trade processing. We are committed to people, processes, technology and service providers that can increase operational integrity and reduce client risk.

We Focus on Risk Management

Our culture is focused on risk management because we believe mitigating short-term drawdowns is one of the keys to long-term success. We take risk when in our view there is sufficient reward potential, and we couple that with sophisticated proprietary risk management tools.

Management Team

Ray Carroll, PhD, CFA
Chief Investment Officer — Breton Hill
21 Years of industry experience
2 Years with Neuberger Berman
Simon Griffiths, CFA
Head of Quantitative Research & Development
24 Years of industry experience
2 Years with Neuberger Berman
Frank Maeba, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager
24 Years of industry experience
2 Years with Neuberger Berman

Contact Us

Neuberger Berman Breton Hill ULC
2 Bloor St. East, Suite 2830
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8


Canadian Investors

If you are an investor based in Canada and would like more information, please call us directly at 647.347.9371 or email

Investors Outside of Canada

For investors, financial professionals, institutions and consultants located outside of Canada, we invite you to enter the Neuberger Berman website for investments and market insights available in your area.