The Anderson Group
Our large cap growth strategy invests in reasonably priced growth equities benefitting from fundamental change.
AUM: $499 million*
The Bolton Group
Our all cap core strategy seeks to generate strong returns through opportunistic buying and selling of superior companies and special situations.
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AUM: $6.3 billion*
The Capital Group
Our investment strategy focuses on long-term investments in well-managed growth companies, as well as low turnover.
AUM: $713 million*
The Eisman Group
Our catalyst-driven, long-term investment philosophy seeks capital appreciation through customized portfolios of high quality equity companies.
AUM: $712 million*
The Fraenkel Group
Our conservative growth strategy follows a fundamental, long-term approach to selecting US mid-large cap growth stocks.
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AUM: $2.9 billion*
The Greene Group
Our strategy follows a research-intensive, intrinsic value approach that seeks to exploit the potential narrowing of the price/value gap that exists in underappreciated companies.
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AUM: $4.0 billion*
The Kamen Group
Our investment approach emphasizes high quality companies that are market leaders in growing industries.
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AUM: $2.0 billion*
Team Kaminsky
Our All-Cap Opportunistic Growth and Income strategy portfolio focuses on companies with solid growth dynamics and sustainable competitive advantages.
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AUM: $5.6 billion*
The Kantor Group
Our All-Cap Core strategy is a fundamentally-driven, bottom-up US equity strategy, comprising of 35-45 stocks across the market cap spectrum.
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AUM: $6.6 billion*
The Koplin Lloyd Group
We adhere to the basic tenets of value investing and consider only stocks that possess both favorable price characteristics and a catalyst for future growth.
AUM: $410 million*
The KSE Value Group
We seek out companies that possess strong earnings potential due to company-specific catalysts and neutral to positive positioning with respect to macro conditions.
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AUM: $1.5 billion*
Large Cap Disciplined Growth
Our strategy targets larger growth stocks with an impending catalyst that can accelerate earnings growth.
AUM: $801 million*
The Messinger Group
Our flagship Equity Income strategy is managed to generate an attractive current return from dividends and interest while still having an opportunity for capital appreciation over time.
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AUM: $5.8 billion*
The Nackenson Group
Our portfolio is a multi-cap equity strategy that invests across three categories: Special Situation, Opportunistic, and Classic.
AUM: $4.5 billion*
The Paduano Group
We follow a thematic approach, investing with a long-term perspective across the broad spectrum of styles from value to growth.
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AUM: $979 million*
The Rachlin Group
Our group seeks to add value by investing primarily in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and other higher yielding equity securities.
AUM: $4.7 billion*
The Schupf Group
We take a long-term approach to investing in high-quality securities.
AUM: $1.5 billion*
The Sloate Group
We follow a bottom-up investment approach and consider companies of all sizes across all market capitalizations, industries and sectors.
AUM: $494 million*
The Socially Responsive Investing Group
Our goal is to identify stocks of well-positioned businesses, each with the ability to deliver organic growth somewhat independent of the macroeconomic environment.
AUM: $5.7 billion*
The Straus Group
We are a mid to large cap value manager who seeks to invest in companies that have strong management, growing earnings and strong balance sheets selling for relatively low valuations.
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AUM: $9.5 billion*

*AUM as of 6/30/17