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      Equity Capabilities

      Active equity strategies across a spectrum of investment styles

      Equity Platform at a Glance

      75+ years' experience
      managing equity assets
      $90 billion AUM
      225 investment professionals
      6 global locations
      34 years
      senior portfolio managers average years' experience
      Conversation with Joseph V. Amato
      "We’re deeply committed to our investment culture – an environment that encourages original and independent thinking"
      ~ Joseph V. Amato, President and Chief Investment Officer – Equities
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      We offer clients around the world investment solutions across asset classes, capitalizations, styles and geographies

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      Number of investment professionals and global locations are as of August 31, 2018.

      All information is as of June 30, 2018 unless otherwise indicated. Firm assets under management (AUM) includes $103.3 billion in Equity assets, $132.2 billion in Fixed Income assets and $68.9 billion in Alternatives assets. Alternatives “AUM and Committed Capital” includes assets under management for non-Private Equity businesses and Committed Capital since inception for the Private Equity businesses. Committed Capital since inception reflects all contractual commitments, including those still in documentation, to fund investments, including those which have since been realized, advised by NB Alternatives Advisers LLC and its affiliates or predecessors (the oldest mandate of which was founded in 1981). Firm data, including employee and assets under management figures, reflect collective data for the various affiliated investment advisers that are subsidiaries of Neuberger Berman Group LLC (the “firm”). Firm history and timelines includes the history and business expansions of all firm subsidiaries, including predecessor entities and acquisition entities. Investment professionals referenced include portfolio managers, research analysts/associates, traders, and product specialists and team-dedicated economists/strategists.