As we conclude another year of volatile markets, geopolitical turmoil as well as record-setting inflation getting added to the mix, one could say that 2022 was truly an eventful year. But as we reflect on the pivotal events that occurred, what lessons can investors take away as we prepare for the year ahead? Could there be an end in sight for the volatility? And what asset classes might investors want to delve into in the coming year, now more than ever? In this special episode of Disruptive Forces, we turn the tables as our Head of EMEA Investment Writing, Martin Steward, joins the show to moderate our esteemed host, Anu Rajakumar, along with our CIO of Multi-Asset, Erik Knutzen. Collectively, they shed light on the insights they’ve gleaned over the past 12-18 months by covering the key themes that came of 2022 that could help guide investors in 2023 and beyond.