As we continue to navigate the challenged market environment, investors have been exploring what their options are for liquidity in their portfolios. Secondary Private Equity investors in particular have a lot to grapple with: from the undercapitalization of the secondary market to the shifting goals of buyers and sellers in the space. However, could the undercapitalization in the secondary market be a boon to investors, opening up unique opportunities for liquidity providers? Or is all hope lost? For this episode of Disruptive Forces, host Anu Rajakumar brings back Ben Perl (Global Co-Head of Secondary Private Equity) and Philipp Patschkowski (Managing Director in European Secondary Investments) to provide a recap on how Secondaries have fared over the course of the year since they last joined the show, delving into how deal structures are now evolving, what the pros and cons are for investors in this market as well as what the future growth outlook could look like going forward.